Answer each questions thoroughly, providing evidence to support your answer, demonstrating both depth and breath of knowledge. A  couple sentence response WILL NOT be sufficient. 

 1.Who was David Walker’s audience? Explain your answer.

2. Discuss the quote: “Is not God a God of justice to all his creatures?” What is David Walker’s purpose for such a statement?

3.Explain what David Walker’s appeal (meaning challenge or call) is to the black community. What about to the white community?

4. Discuss the phrase “Pride, prejudice, avarice, and blood will be the ruin of this happy republic …”

5. Discuss the historical context in which David Walker’s Appeal was written.

6. Discuss the quote: “Oh, how can those who are actuated by avarice only but think, that our Creator made us to be an inheritance to them for ever (sic), when they see that our greatest glory is centered in such mean and low objects?”

7. What is David Walker’s position on the education of blacks? Explain your answer.

8. Discuss the statement: “For while they are working for our emancipation, we are, by our treachery, wickedness, and deceit, working against ourselves and our children – helping our, and the enemies of God, to keep us and our dear little children in their infernal chains of slavery.”




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