Read the case study titled “Religion or Free Speech?” located in the online course shell. Next, propose an argument justifying if free speech and equal access rights of the Christian and Bible club are or are not being violated. 

Case Study:  Religion or Free Speech 


The local community is very involved with Jackson High School, which serves as a community center with many community based activities taking place at the high school. Local organizations are often functioning in and around the daily routine of the high school schedule. The city of Jackson is multicultural and diverse. Some of the clubs at Jackson High School include:  Hispanic Club; Chess Club; Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Alliance; Environmental Education Club; Soccer Club; Dance Club; International Student Alliance; and so forth. All student groups and clubs have been allowed to promote their meetings and events at school through use of appointed club activity bulletin boards, announcements, flyers/brochures, and school newspaper ads. Some clubs do have displays in some school locations (hallways, lobbies, hall entrances, library, administrative and guidance offices) at times. Recently, the Christian and Bible Club created a display with Christian content and materials in a display location and the school administration received a few complaints from students and parents. The principal asked the Christian and Bible Club advisors to remove the display. Later that same day, the school administration removed the display altogether to not give the community the impression of endorsing Christianity. 

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