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Now that you have read about reviews and engaged with several different examples within your textbook, respond to the following prompts, designed to help you begin your review essay. Your responses to all of the questions might not make their way into your final review, but answer all of the questions as best you can to get started. 


You will receive the full 10 points if your post addresses the following:

  1. What would you like to review? You are responsible for choosing a film, album, video game, device, cultural event, etc. Hint: pick a subject you’re interested in and know something about. = 1 point
  2. Choose a legitimate publication that would publish your work based on the merits of your writing. Name the publication and describe its primary audience. What will they probably know about your subject? What background information will you need to provide? = 3 points
  3. Determine and list the criteria you will use for your evaluation. Share the appropriate criteria for the genre you’re reviewing–film, novel, smartphone, whatever.  = 4 points

 Two page paper: 

I chose album KOD my J. Cole

This paper is not simply a description of your choice; rather, you should present an argument in your paper as to whether or not what you choose is, in your opinion, successful or valuable. Your first submission of this assignment here will be peer reviewed, and you will resubmit a revised version to be assessed by me.  

For this assignment, you need to establish your own criteria for what is  “successful” and present your subject’s strengths and/or weaknesses. In addition, you should demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the period within what you chose was produced. Provide history and contextualize the piece. Is what you chose modern or from the past? Why is it relevant to your particular audience? Therefore, you will most likely have to do additional research on your choice and topic to successfully complete this assignment. 

Audience: For your audience, you’ll select an actual, legitimate publication that might publish your review. For example, if you choose to review a film, you might consider writing for Entertainment Weekly, a newspaper, or an online website that focuses on film reviews. The goal here is to consider the audiences who might encounter your work in order to guide the decisions you make as a writer. 

Format: While following MLA format (Links to an external site.), please include your chosen publication under the date in the upper left-hand corner. Remember to choose a legitimate publication that would publish your work based on the merits of your writing.


  1. What additional research might you need in order to fully review your choice? You might have to do a little extra research on your choice and the period in which it was prominent. For example, are you reviewing an older film or album? If so, why is this choice significant to review today? 
  2. Can you revisit your choice by rewatching, revisiting, or re-listening? 
  3. What makes your choice successful or unsuccessful? What criteria will you establish and discuss throughout your two pages? 

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