African American Studies

Instructions:  Based on what you have learned thus far, the 6-page essay is to communicate with insight and clarity, the following (1-5).

A. Read the sections below carefully.

B. Type the essay in order, according to each section (1-5) in MLA format; 1-inch margins, size 12 Times Roman Font, double-spaced with an appropriate introduction, paragraphs, transitions, and conclusion. 5 pages must be fully typed pages, not ½ or ¾ of a page, without large spacing between paragraphs. The last page (page 6), is your Works Cited page. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation before handing the essay in. Line by line proofread and revise errors before submitting your paper!

Your Essay 1 should be written as follows with appropriate transition sentences at the end of paragraphs that lead next topics and paragraphs; do not write numbers in for each section of the paper.

 1. Introduction of the essay (what you will discuss and why it is important). 

2. Briefly explain what you learned about the role of a griot, why the tradition of African Oral History is important, and the significance of the Epic Sundiata.

3. From the lectures, discussions, readings, and videos about the past to present time, discuss the historical, cultural, and intellectual perspectives of historians, archeologists, and scholars, along with your own perspective(s) (may use your area of study to make a connection) pertaining to Ancient Africa, Africans, and enslaved people of African descent, and answer: What are some of the issues related to the perspectives and preconceived notions about Africa, Africans, and African Americans?  Review the texts assigned for the course and the videos of Mallence, Mali, Nubia, and Diop in the Pages section of Canvas under “Supplemental readings and videos”.

4. Comparative section: From the time of ancient African empires and kingdoms (pre-Christian era) to the point of invasion and colonization that ultimately resulted in forced enslavement and transport of African people, briefly discuss how the transformation of Africans from being a free, self governing people with their own religions or ways of worship, to becoming enslabed in North America, the Caribbean, and Brazil affected their lives as Africans from cultural, family, educational, religious, social, and economic standpoints.

5. Discuss the reoccurring themes found in the three following texts: 

1. The Life of Olaudah Equiano, 2. David Walker’s Appeal, and 3. the slave narrative of Mary Prince.2.

Note: The Conclusion must contain a summary of what you discussed in the body of your paper, major points raised, what you discovered and learned, and two audiences you think could learn from your paper if you paper were published in an academic journal.   

Page 6 = Works Cited Page. 

See Sample MLA Format in Purdue Owl site.

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