Analysis assignment

  • Your analysis must include:

 a clear identification of the“artifact(s)”you are focusing on–this should be introduced

at the beginning of your presentation
o an organized online presentation that viewers can easily follow(view/read/listen to) o incorporation of key course material:

  • §  you must identify which course topic(s) your analysis relates to (e.g., Embodied Gender ; Politics of Reproduction; Migration…)
  • §  apply terms/concepts defined and explored in the readings and in class, and discuss how they can be applied to an analysis of your cultural artifact

o incorporation of scholarly sources in your analysis
§ your analysis will not be simply based on your own opinions and understanding;

you must apply ideas from scholarly sources to support your analysis
• you may want to pose questions to your audience at the end of your presentation – i.e., open-

ended, critical thinking questions that will stimulate your viewers to reflect on the ideas you have presented

The instructions can found in the attached document. I already have a artifact also attached in one of the document. You have to find two more sources related to the artifact that is the rape of sabine women. This assignment is for Women gender and studies course so you have to explain more about the gender roles. You can also find one of the annotated bibliography file in which the instructor elaborate more information about the specific content. Please see the instructions and feedback written in purple coloured font. 

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