analysis paper

Requirements: 3-5 pages, double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, title, MLA Heading and page numbering, 1 source, Work Cited list in MLA Style

Review: Summary Analysis is about understanding texts and also describing how YOU see the author’s point working or NOT working based on what you understand.  First you explain what the author is trying to do and then you go about taking their work apart to see if their goal was accomplished or not. 

Activity: Students will construct a 3-5 page summary analysis on an article from the Santa Fe databases.  Students may choose one from the following databases to pull an article from:


Health and Wellness

Films on Demand (find this under Humanities in the search tab at the TOP of the list of databases)

Opposing Viewpoints 


  1. Taking quotes from the work is good and sometimes necessary for your analysis to be more solid, but don’t just LIST quotes back to back for a paragraph.  This is about YOUR analysis.  THAT’s what your audience is here for. 
  2. This summary analysis will need to be written in third person, not first or second.  I know that will be hard, but it is the expectation that you know how to do that so it doesn’t get personal. (NO:  I, me. my, mine, myself, you, yours, ours, we, us)
  3. Pay attention to paragraph unity.  Your paragraph should NOT jump around from idea to idea without transitions or something to glue it together.   
  4. Watch your MLA formatting for the paper.  I will be. 

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