Annotating and Note Taking Assignment


After reviewing Chapter 5: Getting the Most Out of College and Chapter 6: Reading to Learn from College Textbooks, complete the following assignment.

Step 1: Review the annotation strategies from chapter 6 (pgs. 129-144) 

Step 2: Either select 2 pages from one of your college textbooks OR one article from the four article links below.

Step 3: Read your selection (only choose one) and annotate the text as you read. Make sure to a) summarize, b) identify key points, and c) define unfamiliar vocabulary as you annotate. You may choose to highlight but do not exceed 10% of your page.

Step 4: Next, create a separate page of notes over the text you read using one of the note taking methods discussed in Chapter 5 (pgs. 113-120). You may choose the Cornell outline format, paragraph format, or list format. Attach the notes page to the annotated text and submit to your instructor next class.


Money on the Mind:

NOTES :  Similar to an informal outline, the list format of note taking involves sketching out your main ideas using numbers and letters or bullets (see Figure 5.4). The list format can be effective for taking notes on terms and definitions, facts, or sequences such as personality types. It is also easy to use the list format in combination with the Cornell format. 

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