Applied Analytics


This program prepares students for roles that often require them to communicate with both technical analysts and organizational leaders. It is therefore important that you not only develop the skill to design and guide research, but also the skill of distilling and communicating research.


For this review, you are asked to read and summarize the following article:

You will write a report that is approximately 1 to 2 pages (single spaced, approximately 500-1000 words).

Specific Questions

In your summary, be sure to address the following questions:

  1. Why was this research conducted?
  2. Which questions did the research seek to address?
  3. How was the research conducted? Where did data come from? How was it analyzed?
  4. What were the important variables that were measured, and how are they related to each other?
  5. What conclusions were reached?

Structure of the Paper

Your paper should be structured as a narrative in paragraph form. Do not answer the questions in bulleted points, incomplete sentences, or in a disjointed manner. Instead, work on creating a story that introduces and explains the work in a coherent way. This document should be comprehensible to other people in your organization or team (both technical and non-technical).


Your work will be assessed based on the quality of your writing, evidence that you have read the article, a demonstration that you have made a good-faith effort to understand and interpret the design of the research, and that you are able to articulate the benefit of conducting research.


  • Quality of Writing: 25 points
  • Demonstrates Knowledge of the Study: 25 points
  • Answers Specific Questions Raised: 50 points, evenly divided among each question.

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