Are You Obligated to Think Critically and Act Ethically? – 1,500 Words

The White Rose Group

“[H]e is a man of courage who does not run away, but remains at his post and

fights against the enemy; there can be no mistake about that.”

Plato, Laches, or Courage (380 B.C.)

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (Film) (連結到外部網站。)

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More Information: Timothy Snyder’s 2017 book On Tyranny

Part 1: Due Thursday by 11:59 PM (100 Points)

1.  Write a 1,000-word (four-page) essay in which you develop a clear rhetorical focus regarding this question: Do people have the responsibility to think critically and act ethically? 

What is a rhetorical focus? (連結到外部網站。)

2. Use the White Rose Group as a vehicle to help you ponder the essay topic.  You will need to research who they were on the Internet.

Helpful Sources: 

3.  Explain which–if any–of the lessons in Timothy Snyder’s 2017 book On Tyranny that you think the White Rose Group practiced–or did NOT practice.

More Information: Timothy Snyder’s 2017 book On Tyranny

4.  Explain which of the Common Logical Fallacies (連結到外部網站。) below–if any–that the White Rose Group may have linked to the Third Reich (the Nazis), and how these fallacies may have caused the White Rose Group to oppose the Third Reich actively.  And … consider if the White Rose Group is also guilty of fallacious thinking; did they fully understand the consequences of their actions: execution via the guillotine (they were decapitated)?

Common Logical Fallacies

5. Quoting:  In addition to Snyder’s book, use four sources to help you explain who the White Rose Group was and to support your thesis.  You may use any sources you choose, including the sources listed above: the fallacies source and the sources for the White Rose Group.

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