Art Appreciation

Painting are and Contrast Two Works of Art by Two Different Artists

Word Count: A minimum of 750 words, not including images and citations

What to do:

Once your chosen images have been approved, you may begin writing your paper. 

Research and Observation:

Find 4 credible sources of information to research your objects. You may use the museum’s catalog entry as one source but you will need 3 additional, scholarly sources. DO NOT use Wikipedia, personal blogs, or random websites. The best sources are museums websites, auction houses, and books (remember books…those fossils found in the library). Only credible sources are permitted. Make sure you know who the author is. This website is an example of a source that looks legit but is not credible. No author information is available. If the author isn’t a scholar, museum curator, fine art specialist, etc. don’t use the source.  

Format: Place images of your chosen works at the top of your paper along with your name, date, and names of the two works of art and the artists (if known), as well as the Met’s accession number.

This is a formal paper and must be formatted as such. Begin your paper with a formal introduction. Next, the body should discuss similarities/differences between the images including the analysis of each object. Lastly, your conclusion should summarize your writing and restate your main idea. 

All papers must be double-spaced. 

You must bold and highlight each key term used. 

ANY direct quotes or paraphrases must be in quotations and properly cited to avoid any plagiarism issues. You must include footnotes and bibliography. For further assistance regarding citations, refer to the Purdue OWL as a guide for citing in the Chicago Manual Style. 

If you submit a paper without citations or citations in the wrong format, you will receive a zero. No exceptions! 

The following is worth 6 points in total: (view rubric for specific point value breakdown)

  1. Indicate title, culture, artist (if known) and date of each of the two works of art by two different artists.
  2. Subject: What is depicted?  
  3. Content: What does the artwork mean?
  4. Context: Write about the culture or artist’s life that relates to your work?
  5. Style: Describe the identifying appearance of your work using at least 5 style terms from your glossary? 
  6. Medium: Indicate medium and technique. Discuss how the medium is used both each work.  
  7. Formal Analysis: Use 5 different formal terms from your glossary to describe each of the two works. 
  8. Summarize how the two works of art are Similar (Comparison) and Different (Contrast) using the 5 terms from your Formal Analysis. 
  9. Grammar and proper usage of the language of art. 

** Papers submitted without 4 scholarly sources cited or without a bibliography will receive a zero. If you submit an incomplete paper, it will not be accepted and a zero will be issued.**

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