Article and Written Assignment Case Study 1

no more than 2 page 

 PART II – 40 points In Part 2 of the case study, find an article in a popular press magazine, news article (including online news), or article from a quality/well-known blog. The article does not need to specifically state the concept (most may not!), however you will be summarizing and interpreting the article, and you will need to properly explain and establish how the article relates to a concept we learned. Similar to our previous case study assignment, 1) summarize your article and 2) describe the concept from our inclass/textbook learning. Be sure to not just include the name of the concept, put describe the concept. Next, 3) analyze how the concept is being used in the article compared to the reading. Use your own opinions, experiences, observations, etc. as you compare/contract the article to what you read in the textbook. 

As an example, I recently looked up an article in Time Magazine ( titled, ‘How These Manufacturing Companies Are Pivoting to Help in the Fight Against COVID-19’ and can relate it to the textbook discussion from Chapter 2 on Technology and Business. The summary and concept description can be done 2-3 paragraphs (1 and 2 above) and the analysis (3 above) can be done in 1-2 paragraphs. 

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