Article Critique

Locate and review a scholarly article found in a peer – reviewed journal related to HR recruiting, unions, labor relations, or international human resources management. In peer – reviewed journals, the articles were reviewed by other professionals in the field to ensure the accuracy and quality of the articles, which is ideal when writing an article critique.

Research tip : When researching using the databases, you can limit your search to only peer – reviewed articles. To do this, look for the phrase “limit results,” and select “peer -reviewed articles.”

There is a minimum requirement of 500 words for the article critique.

1. Format your critique in APA style. 

2. Begin with an introduction that defines the subject of your critique and your point of view. You will first need to identify and explain the author’s ideas. Include specific passages that support your description of the author’s 

point of view.

3. Take into consideration how you would approach a recruiting program for your company based on the author’s ideas on the subject matter. 

4. What challenges would you face if your company were a global conglomerate? 

5. Defend your point of view by raising specific issues or aspects of the argument. Offer your own opinion. Explain what you think about the argument. Describe several points with which you agree or disagree.

6. Explain how the passages support your opinion.

7. Conclude your critique by summarizing your argument and re – emphasizing your opinion.

8. For each of the points you mention, include specific passages from the text (you may summarize, quote, or paraphrase, being sure to include proper in – text citations) that provide evidence for your point of view.

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