How: For the PowerPoint presentation, each slide must contain at least one image. For the research report, your group may use any format — single-spacing or double-spacing; footnotes or end notes; etc. — as long as the format is used consistently, but the report must contain separate headings for each section (see below) and should be organized as follows:  

This have to be a report of 500 words each part plus one or two slides on power point. 

 1. Litigation Risk (500 words min. + one or two slides)

  • What is the most important lawsuit (past, present, or future) that could affect the future of the firm?
  • What type of legal liability does this case represent?
  • Is the firm the plaintiff or the defendant in this case?
  • Is this case more likely to settle out of court or go to trial?

2. Existing or Pending Legislation (500 words min. + one or two slides)

  • What is the single-most important law (State, federal, or international) that applies to your business firm? (Put another way, what is the one law that your company has to worry about the most?)
  • What lobbying efforts at the local, State, or federal level is your business firm currently engaged in? (Put differently, what law would the CEO or owner of your business firm like to see enacted in the short or long term?)

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