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Determine three (3) advantages and three (3) disadvantages of using traditional predictors (e.g., resume-bio presentations, interviews, reference checks, etc.) versus substantive assessment methods (e.g., personality tests, cognitive tests, integrity tests, etc.) when selecting new employees. Next, select the one (1) assessment method that you believe is the most reliable for hiring new employees, and specify two (2) benefits of utilizing your selected method within an organization. Justify your response. 

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Three advantages and disadvantages of using traditional predictors vs substantive assessment methods…


1. In person interviews- this allows management to get a direct sense of the person and their abilities

2. A company gains the availability to check the background of the candidate by their references. Based on the feedback, the company will know what to expect before the interview.

3. Submitting a resume allows the company to review the skills before calling for an interview. If the representative does not have the required skills then it saves the company from wasting time scheduling an interview with someone who isn’t qualified. 


1. If a company does not have a facility for interviews, it may be costly to conduct in person interviews.

2. Interview may run longer than expected which will result in the company being delayed and not meeting hiring deadlines

3. There may be a low count of candidates who apply. Many of them may not be qualified which will leave the company at a stand still who still needs to employee associates.

The assessment in which should be used is a knowledge assessment that must be completed before the hiring process can be determined. The test will consist on knowledge of the required qualification whether its how to navigate Microsoft, memorization, etc. 

The benefit of using this method is process of elimination. If someone fails the assessment, the company knows this candidate is not qualified for the position.Another benefit of using this assessment is that it gives the candidate a sense of what he or she will be doing before accepting the position. 

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