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Write a business report, in maximum one Word page using font size 10, to recommend at least 3 to 4 specific action steps or strategies for the CEO to take in the future in order to grow store level profitability supported by your analysis. Be sure to mention both people’s retention factors and site-location factors. On top of your recommendations your report MUST include analysis/conclusions:

  • Whether employee tenure is a driver of store-level financial performance?
  • How important tenure is in explaining financial performance relative to site locations factors? Which one explains more?
  • Does the relationship between tenure and performance vary with tenure level?
  • What is the impact on the profitability of increasing manager tenure by one year above the average, compared to increasing crew tenure by one year above the average? Which one would be easier to implement?

The length of the document is a maximum of one page, roughly 500 words, include charts or tables as needed. Be sure to upload together with your Word document AND your Excel worksheet with the multiple regression you ran.

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