business law


General Instructions for Learning   Activities   

· Read/watch all assigned materials listed   for the week in the Course Content 

· Cite to assigned materials in all   responses in Learning Activities

· Use only assigned materials to complete   Learning Activities; do not use internet unless otherwise instructed

· Include in-text citations and a Reference   List for in-text citations  

· Write in correct, complete sentences, in   paragraph format unless otherwise instructed

· Submit Learning Activities to Assignment   Folder

Learning Activity:  due 11:59 pm ET,   Thursday


Background:  With some   understanding of the legal system, the GC owners can now shift focus to   examining specific areas of law that create potential risks and liabilities   for their business.   The group knows from their business   experience, that businesses face serious and costly risks and legal   liabilities stemming from tort law. 

Unintentional harm resulting from   accidents, such as in the unintentional torts of negligence and product   liability, can result in costly litigation.  For example, Madison’s   remodeling business was sued by a client injured when one of the roofing   employees accidentally dropped a ladder on that client’s leg. 

The GC owners are concerned about the   possibility of accidents occurring in Green Clean public offices that could   create risks of premises liability under negligence. 

Instructions:  Winnie and Ralph   have given you the responsibility of analyzing and summarizing potential negligence   and premises liability risks that GC might face in its business   operations.  Specifically, you are tasked with creating a presentation   report of your findings for GC owners at their next meeting with TLG.

The presentation should address only the   tort of negligence and include the following parts.

Analyze and describe specific potential   tort risks and liabilities that GC could face under negligence for each of   the following:

1.  Injury to GC employees occurring   during the performance of cleaning services on clients’ commercial property

· include a specific example as part of the   analysis report

2.  Injury to any GC office employee   working within the scope of his/her job occurring during business hours in   GC’s public offices.

· include a specific example as part of the   analysis report

3.  Injury to any GC customers   occurring on the premises of the GC’s public offices.

· include a specific example as part of the   analysis report

Format Instructions:

Prepare the analysis in a report,   addressed to Winnie and Ralph, to be used in discussion with the GC owners.

The report should address the questions in   the Instructions above.  Follow the format below.


TO:                Winnie James, Ralph Anders

FROM:         (your name)


RE:                Green Clean Negligence Risks and Liabilities








Write in correct, complete sentences in   paragraph format.

Label all parts of assignment.

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