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Situation: James Sanchez was surprised when he picked up his rental car from AVIS in San Diego, CA. He reserved a full-size car, but the rental agent told him he could upgrade to a full-size SUV, an Audi Q7 Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) for an additional $18 per day. “She told me it was easy to drive,” Mr. Sanchez reported. “But when I saw it, I realized it was huge – like a tank. You could fit a full size bed inside.” During his trip, Mr. Sanchez damaged the bumper from hitting a curb ($750 damage). He didn’t worry because he thought the damage would be covered since he booked the rental vehicle on his American Express credit card (which not affiliated with AVIS). He knew American Express offered backup car rental coverage if it was booked with an American Express Credit Card. Later, he discovered that the credit card’s car rental coverage excluded SUVs “I just assumed they covered it,” he confessed to AVIS. He wrote a letter to AVIS to complain about not being warned that credit cards may not cover damage to SUVs. And requested to not pay for the $750 damage to AVIS. However, AVIS agents always encourage renters to sign up for AVIS’ car insurance when booking, but it is not AVIS’ responsibility to study the customer’s personal credit card policy. Customers who do not purchase insurance through AVIS are at their own risk. Mr. Smith doesn’t make any claim against AVIS, but he is upset about being “pitched” to upgrade to an SUV


Your Task: As the Customer Relations Manager with AVIS Rental Cars, respond to the complaint from Mr. Sanchez using a letter format. AVIS is obviously not going to pay for the SUV repairs, but AVIS does not want to salvage his goodwill and future business. Be sure to complete the following 4 mandatory items: 1. Create a logo for the company letterhead by increasing the font size of “AVIS Rental Cars” in your Word Document, so it looks similar to the following (does not have to be exact): AVIS Rental Cars 2. Send to: Mr. James Sanchez, 5411 Lighthouse Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90036. 3. Offer him a coupon for two days’ free rental of any full-size sedan. 4. Keep your letter to 1 page maximum.

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