Computer Science homework help

1-MVC inspects the constructors of the objects it is preparing to inject and, if necessary, injects any objects needed by those objects in a process known as

    core attribution
    dependency chaining
    dependency attribution


2-A controller that uses dependency injection to get a class that inherits the DbContext class is _____________ to EF.

    loosely coupled
    tightly coupled


3-To configure dependency injection, which method of the Startup.cs file should contain the code that maps the dependencies?

    the constructor


4-Which of the following is NOT a dependency life cycle



5-Which HTML elements does the following tag helper class apply to?

[HtmlTargetElement(“input”, ParentTag = “form”)]

public class MyInputTagHelper : TagHelper {…}

    <my-input> elements coded within a form
    <input> or <form> elements
    <my-input> or <form> elements
    <input> elements coded within a form

6-Which of the following is a tag helper element?


7-Which of the following class declarations is for a custom tag helper for a standard HTML element?

    public class ButtonTagHelper : StandardHtmlElement
    public class ButtonTagHelper : TagHelper
    public class StandardButtonTagHelper : HtmlElement
    public class StandardButtonTagHelper : TagHelper

8-What does the following directive do?

@addTagHelper *, GuitarShop


    It registers all tag helpers in the GuitarShop namespace.
    It registers all tag helpers available from ASP.NET Core MVC.
    It registers a tag helper named GuitarShop.
    It registers a tag helper named *.


9-Which of the following is a good way to pass data to a view component?

    By adding parameters to its Invoke() method
    By using URL routing
    By using its TempData property
    By using a Razor code block

10-Given a Book object named book, which of the following passes the Book object as the model for the partial view named _BookLinkPartial?

    <partial name=”BookLinkPartial.cshtml” model=”@book” />
    <partial name=”_BookLinkPartial” model=”@book” />
    <partial name=”BookLinkPartial.cshtml” viewData=”@book” />
    <partial name=”_BookLinkPartial” viewData=”@book” />

11-A partial view typically contains _________________ that’s used by multiple views.

    HTML and Razor code
    view components
    entity classes

12-Which of the following statements is true?

    A view component sends data to a partial view.
    A partial view acts as a controller for a view component.
    A view component stores all of its code in a .cshtml file.
    A partial view sends data to a view component.


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