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Assignment 1

The Role of Privacy in the Workplace

Conduct research via the internet and provide a brief yet detailed paper on Privacy in the Workplace. You may select a position as to whether you believe there should be Privacy in the Workplace, or that employees do not have the right to privacy at work. Things to take into consideration are outlined below:

·  What are the laws and regulations that impact privacy in the workplace?

·  Why would an employer want to monitor the activities of its employees?

·  What benefits / drawbacks are associated with monitoring employees?

·  What could an organization use to ensure that all employees are well aware of their rights and responsibilities with regard to privacy?

·  What type of monitoring systems are used in the workplace today?

For this assignment, submit a 5-6-page paper answering these questions as succinctly and completely as possible.

Paper should conform to APA style.

The page total does NOT include the title page or the reference page(s).

Do not include an abstract of table of contents.

You should have a minimum of 4 references, none of which can be Wikipedia or Techopedia.

Your paper should be more of a narrative, and not just a series of bullet lists

You have two weeks to complete this essay.


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