Computer Science homework help

Biography Viewer

You need to use a table view and a navigation controller. However, split view is neither required nor forbidden.

Choose one of your favorite games, and implement an IOS app that shows the biography of each character of the game.



  • Your app should show a list of characters in the main view using a table view.
  • A small icon and some brief information of each character should be displayed in the table view.
  • The user can scroll up and down to see the full list.
  • The user can swipe right to reveal two buttons to favorite a character or unfavorite a character.
  • A checkmark is displayed for each favorite character, and the checkmark is removed if the character is unfavored.
  • The user can touch a character to open a detail view to see the character’s large portrait and full biography.
  • Do not use parallel arrays. Use a class for the characters.







The screenshots of a sample app are attached in the figures below.



– Biography Viewer



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