Conflict Resolution

8 pages

Over the term, you have researched and evaluated leadership style and the abilities of your chosen leader with his or her organization and executive team. You have also evaluated best practices used by the leader. You reviewed and analyzed the following about your chosen leader:

  • Organizational vision
  • Development of strategic plans
  • Personal, political, and positional power and use of that power in creating the organization’s culture
  • Conflict management and negotiation skills

You reviewed your own knowledge, skills, and abilities and explained which tools, methods, and strategies. You discussed which of your chosen leader’s attributes and techniques you would use and which ones you would avoid.

In this Key Assignment, you are to address the following based on your analysis of your chosen leader and your self-assessment of your leadership style and abilities:

  • Evaluate best practices for planning and staffing in intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship environments for organizing teams by functions.
  • Recommend strategic planning methods that motivate individuals and teams to align with organizational visions.
  • Analyze elements of personal, political, and positional power as tools for effecting change in organizational culture.
  • Determine appropriate tools, methods, or strategies for organizational problem solving and decision making in leadership and management contexts.
  • Select appropriate conflict management and negotiation skills for effectively communicating and resolving organizational behavioral disputes.

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