Corp Social Responsibility

500 Word Maximum (Not include Work Cited)

CSR Ratings: Select a company from the Fortune 500 Most Profitable Companies ( list and evaluate its Corporate Social Responsibility performance. To do this, you need to go to the company’s website and find whatever reports it may have posted there on CSR (the company website may use different terms, e.g., sustainability, community involvement, diversity, transparency, etc.)  Do a Google search to see if there have been any big scandals recently (or currently underway). Write an assessment giving your views on how well the company is addressing its social responsibilities. You should identify what are the key issues that this company SHOULD be addressing, and compare that to what you find about what they actually ARE doing. Does it sound like “window dressing” or do the programs seem substantive and effective? Do not just quote or summarize the corporate website. Be critical and show that you’ve done your own research and included your own original thinking in your essay. Be prepared to give brief summary in class.


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