Course;NURS-6003N-39/NURS-6003C-39/NRSE-6003C-39-Foundations for Graduate ”



 Starting this amazing career advancement, is nerve-wrecking and exciting, to say the least. It is full of sacrifices and self-decipline. Especially when taking all your classes online, it gives negative perceptions that could lead to unfavourable learning and decreased motivation (Kauffman, H. 2015). With it, comes a lot of self doubt and frustration. That is when you look up to your network of individuals and ask questions and try to remember the reason you went back to school. For example, I have asked questions like, how do you divide time between family, school, and work? Was it worth the effort and sacrifice? Do you regret your decision? Making great money? How did you pay for school? With financial aid? Out of pocket? Scholarships? What class was would you say was the most difficult? Was it easy to find a clinical site? Was it difficult to find a job? With higher education, I have to learn on how to adapt to lots of changes and focus on my personal goals of becoming a solo practitioner after I finish the program. To remember on being persistent and not give up. (Online college, 2018

“please at least three references”………it is reply  to another student ,type of job: discussion


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