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Assignment 1: DUI Scenario Overview In this assignment you will identify the statute applicable to a case and explain why or why not there was a violation of the statute, including providing case examples for your position. Instructions In the Chapter 11 Summary of your textbook, there are two problems presented; Problem 2 and Problem 3. Please choose one of these problems and then address the following: • What is the statute in question? • Was the defendant operating the vehicle within the meaning of the statute? • Why do you believe they were or were not within the meaning of the statute? • Research and provide case examples to support your position. Deliverable • Complete in MSWord • Use APA style to format your assignment as well as citations and references • There will not be a cover or header sheet • Must be a minimum of 2 pages (500 words) in length • Double-spaced in Times New Roman 12pt font • “Save as” CRJ125_M#_Assign#_lastnamefirstname When you are finished, attach your document to the dropbox and upload it.


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