Customer Delight(hospitality industry)


Answer the following two (2) questions.  Please submit your assignment by the due date in APA style including cover page. Maximum 1200 words.

Question 1. 

Torres and Ronzoni (2018) write that customer satisfaction is, “the comparison of product and service performance to expectations” (p. 58) while, “customer delight is grounded on customer affect and the satisfaction of human needs” (p.58).

In your own words provide your interpretation of these two concepts, the benefits of customer delight, and an example of customer satisfaction and customer delight.

Question 2: 

Torres (2014), as cited in Torres and Ronzoni (2018), suggests that customer delight is about positive emotions such as joy, thrill, and exhilaration.  Torres (2014) suggests that one way we can delight customers is by creating an event that arouses these positive emotions.  Further, Torres (2014) suggests that these emotions can be followed by an element of surprise or can be generated by an element of surprise.  

Imagine you are working as a Front Desk Manager in a luxury hotel.  Detail a delightful experience that you could create for a regular business guest who is bringing his spouse and two young children (6 and 10) on vacation to your hotel for the very first time.

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