DBA 703

Organizations must remain flexible during critical times. Forbes magazine, in an article about Global Leadership and Partnerships, stated that,

“During the current global situation, companies that have an understanding of core capabilities, operations, services and products of their partners and have a mature relationship can quickly pivot to retool and recalibrate and create new products, services and operations in light of headwinds and changing economic conditions. Particularly relevant examples right now could be a car manufacturer that quickly retools a plant to develop respirators for hospitals and clinics or a distillery that quickly adapts and refocuses product production to hand sanitizer to assist communities and health professionals.”

In the Book of Genesis 37-38, Joseph learned to pivot and be flexible during difficult times, making the very best of his situation. He was thrown in a pit with no water by his brothers and then sold into slavery. He was lied about and thrown in jail and then God had favor on him and his faithfulness to almighty God and made him Prime Minister of Egypt in time to save his family and others during a famine. 

How have you as a virtuous leader pivoted and remained flexible during critical times?

Sifakis, G. (2020, May 19). Global Leadership And Partnerships: Three Key Lessons. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinesscouncil/2020/05/19/global-leadership-and-partnerships-three-key-lessons/?sh=6419a74654b2

APA 7th edition

150 to 200 words

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