Discuss how professional nursing organizations support the field of nursing and how they advocate for nursing practice.

 Re: Topic 5 DQ 1

It is very important to note that professional organizations and associations in the field of nursing are very key in coming up with energy, flow of ideas and most importantly the proactive work which is needed to maintain a robust and health profession which advocates for the needs of its clients and nurse and the society at large (Matthews, 2017). In the field of nursing there are over one hundred professional originations that work hand in hand with health care providers to improve health care provision. The two most important professional nursing organizations are; the American Nurses Association which is a national organization and the International Council of Nurses which is federation of national nurse’s associations (Matthews, 2017).

Notably, advocacy is a key element of nursing practice. The purpose of the creation of professional associations is to articulate nursing values and social policy among other things. In the US the ANA is tasked with coordinating ideas from all sectors, deliberating on them and developing them (Schneider, 2018). Notably most of the professional organizations are united in advocating for the various issues in nursing. These nursing organizations are aware of the power of unity and have used these to push key nursing agendas when appropriate. These organizations especially have a value in pushing health care agendas (Schneider, 2018). This is because such organizations can lobby politicians and other stake holders to improve patient care.


Matthews, J. H. (2017). Role of professioanl organisations in advocating for the nursing profession. The Online Journal of Nursing, 897-899.

Schneider, A. (2018). Nursing organisations: The role they play in professional development. AMN Healthcare Education Services, 231-237.

Respond to the above student’s posting in discussion using 200-300 words APA format by supporting the writer’s post.

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