Discussion forum


To do and read for this week

Hello! Welcome to week 12. So far, we have discussed interventions at the individual and at the team level. Now, we will look at the organization. As a first step, we will learn what organizational design and what organizational structure is. Therefore, please read chapter 12 starting with the section on “organizational Design and structure” (in Edition 4 that is pages 303-317). The first pages of chapter 12 discuss org. culture but you do not need to read it now, since we will discuss this later. You can also stop reading once the section “directional interventions” starts. This should give you a good overview on what Organizational design and structure is. 

Second, look at the slides this week, where I walk you through the content. NEW: I recorded some audio on the slides, so makes sure to listen to it! 

Third, read the journal article on “The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Firms’ Organizational Designs”. It is an academic paper, however only 5 pages and written as a commentary. It is very recent and I hope you will like it. 

Last, answer two questions in the discussion forum: 
a. Based on the readings and the videos you read and watched for this week, how would you describe “organizational design” in your own words? 
b. Discuss the journal article. What is the authors view on the potential impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on firms’ organization designs and how will the pandemic may influence organization design research? Do you agree or disagree with his view? 

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