drama ENGL



Antigone :  the 2004 revised edition of the 1896 translation by Lewis Campbell  

Lysistrata :  directed by Anonymous , Macmillan Films, 2015 

, Twelfth Night  :  Folger edition of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night 


Did one of the plays end too quickly for you? Do you have more burning questions? Do you feel it is unresolved? Write a letter to the author explaining which drama you think should have a “part 2” and explain in detail what should be added to the drama. Use this as an opportunity to invest yourself in the drama that interested you the most. To prevent from providing a simple rambling and unrevised answer to this prompt, you must provide thoughtful and analytical reasoning with your justification of a “part 2” to the story. Specifically describe why some characters need more time on stage, prove an explanation for why the plot needs further development, and explain your reasoning for audience satisfaction based on the drama presented before them. 

This essay should be 1000 words in length and include sufficient information regarding the characters and plot. Imagine this as your pitch or argument to the drama’s author as to why there should be more to the story.

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