Plan a bulletin board for the classroom. The bulletin board may be planned for the children or the parents. If planning a board for the children, the board must be interactive where the children are able to work with it during free choice time. An example would be: The students are to work on their counting skills. In the middle of the board there is a tree with many apples on it and at the bottom of the bulletin board there are five (5) baskets numbered 1-5. The children are to take off the apples from the tree and place the correct number of apples identified on each basket. 

If planning a board for the parents, the board may be used as a means to educate parents on various topics such as: the importance of play, making healthy choices for the whole family, the cold season is ahead… how to prepare.

You will use a tri-fold board to develop your bulletin board using a them provided in the syllabi.

Please type the answers to the following questions regarding the bulletin board:

  1. Describe the children’s involvement or how they would have been involved in the preparation of the bulletin board.
  2. If creating a children’s bulletin board, what developmental concepts were reinforced?
  3. Briefly describe the responses of the children, staff, and parents to the bulletin board.
  4. What would you do differently? Explain your answer.
  5. What would you do the same? Explain your answer.
  6. Did your bulletin board achieve the purpose? Explain your answer.

*Include a photograph of the bulletin board.

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