Email Assignment

Write either a solicited or unsolicited  e-mail inquiry to a company or organization asking for information regarding service, products, or expertise. Your request should be fairly specific-not just “tell me about your company.” Ask for answers to the specific questions! Copy the entire e-mail inquiry (including the To:, From:, and Subject Line) into a Microsoft Word document and submit it through the link.

Try to write an inquiry e-mail that you can actually send out.  If you need to have this information anyway, why not write the inquiry for a real situation that benefits you and that you get credit for writing?   

 Here are some suggestions:

  • Write to a college you might be interested in attending
  • Write a real estate company if you are thinking of moving or selling
  • Write to any company to get details about specific products or services offered, something you have seen on the Internet or in a catalog, magazine, or newspaper
  • Write to an organization or person who can send you information about a possible research topic
  • Write to a tourist office requesting information about an upcoming vacation trip


  •  3/4 of a page (3-4 paragraphs)
  • Must include the appropriate format (header and message).
  • Must use an appropriate style.
  • Must include an introduction that identifies the subject, purpose, and point of the correspondence.
  • Must include a body that provides needs-to-know information.
  • Must utilize page design features (headings, bullets, lists, appropriate font type and size, etc.).
  • Must include a conclusion that thanks the readers, restates the main point, and looks to the future.
  • Must complete as a Word document

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