End to End Considerations

 In the Module Notes, we looked at several factors that can influence transportation, warehousing, and distribution requirements from manufactured good sources to customer needs (end-to-end). It is critical that supply chain system managers understand how these factors impact transportation, warehousing, and distribution requirements when planning and executing effective transportation and distribution strategies.

Complete the following:

  1. Write a 2-3 page paper analyzing customer service requirements and performance measurements in transportation, warehousing, and distribution in a real-world international business.  Within your paper, you must complete the following
    1. Analyze the importance of measuring performance in the global logistics network of the firm you chose (provide specific information about that business).
    2. Identify specific key performance indicators that might be utilized by your chosen firm.  
    3. Explain how the performance indicators are linked to customer service goals.
  2. You must use at least two scholarly sources. It is highly recommended that you utilize the Excelsior College Library to conduct your research.
  3. Ensure that your thesis statement is aligned with the requirements for this assignment and clearly lets your reader know what you are going to discuss in your paper.
  4. Your 2-3 page paper must be double-spaced using 12 pt. Times New Roman font.
  5. You should use APA formatted headings to organize your paper and to present main topics.
  6. Please take note of the items below as you select external/scholarly sources for this assignmen

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