Point of View

In the Informative Essay, you are going to be writing in the third person point of view. When writing in third person, the writer does not refer to him or herself by using “I,” and does not address the reader directly by using “you.” Instead, the writer gives an observer’s perspective and uses words such as “he/she/they.”

  1. Copy/paste a few sentences from your Personal Essay (Assignment 1), which illustrates the use of first person (“I”) point of view.
  2. Change the point of view from first person to third person.


It is important to know that you are no longer writing in the first person (i.e., I and me). You must now use he, she, they or it. You may also use the actual name (i.e., specific noun) for each sentence you write.  See the following example: 

Third person example:

Parents usually select childcare centers that are clean. 

Do you notice how “Parents” is the specific noun used as the subject of the sentence? This is evidence of writing in the third person. Remember, it’s very important that your reader understands exactly who/what is the subject of each sentence.

Writing for Research: 

You are no longer writing about your opinion. You must now convert your writing to reflect that you are writing for research. This means that you must include citations that support your position. 


Parents usually select childcare centers that are clean (Davis, 2017). 

Notice how the citation (Davis, 2017) supports the sentence? This is how you must write each of your supporting paragraphs of your informative essay. 

Be sure to visit Purdue’s Online Writing lab link (i.e., Purdue OWL) to learn more: 


Peer Feedback:

After you have posted, provide a classmate with feedback.

  1. Did they change the point of view correctly?
  2. Do you have any changes to suggest?
  3. What did they do well? Make sure to celebrate each other’s successes.

How to give feedback: A “good” peer review is specific and combines suggestions for improvement and praise for what works well. A “poor” peer review does not give specifics and does not offer insight to help your classmate reflect on or improve his or her writing.

I look forward to interacting with you in our forthcoming live-class sessions. Be on the lookout for your invites. 

*Be sure to review your sample Informative Essay. It’s located in the MY PROFESSOR link. 

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