English essay

Write a 1000-word essay in which you take and defend a position. Your audience is your English 1 peers. Answer the question Is Los Angeles changing for the better or getting worse? Support your answer with the readings  about Los Angeles we’ve looked at so far in class. You may also use research from quality newspapers and/or scholarly journals and possibly one (only one) brief example from your own experience. Please make sure that you understand how to evaluate sources before citing them in your academic essays: Finding and Evaluating Scholarly Sources

This essay is your opportunity to practice and demonstrate the skills we’ve been learning in English 1. It is also an opportunity for you to receive feedback to help you improve your writing for this and other college classes.

Writing Instructions: 

  • include an introduction with a clear thesis statement that answers the question
  • write paragraphs that each focus on one idea, have evidence that supports the claim, and connect back to the thesis
  • organize your paragraphs in a logical order and show the reader how they fit together using smooth transitions
  • use at least 3 secondary sources to support your claims
  • use MLA in-text citations to identify the source of your supporting evidence
  • include a Works Cited page with at least 3 entries, and
  • use clear, correct language. Proofread your work carefully!

Submission Instructions:

  • underline your thesis statement,
  • use MLA headings and document format (see section 34 in A Pocket Manual of Style),
  • use MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page,
  • submit your work to the Canvas dropbox before the deadline,
  • review the English 1 Essay Rubric to make sure that your essay meets the expectations of English 1 work. 

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