English Final

My proposal is why kids should play multiple sports while growing up.

In the PDF use page 393-395 as the in class source 

A Better Way—A Proposal: How do we work toward common goals creatively and find ways of approaching issues and problems productively rather than getting locked into divisive either/or debates? The purpose of this assignment is to find both common ground and different approaches. In April, we’ll read about different issues such as approaches to food, health, and the environment; issues surrounding sports, play, and reading for children; and questions about identity, civility, justice, and free speech. We will brainstorm other issues, questions, and ideas we want to explore together. I have reserved space toward the end of the semester to include readings on issues of importance to the class. As we discuss readings and issues, we’ll work together to generate ideas rather than immediately take a side.

Proposal assignment: Think about one of the tensions, problems, or questions we’ve read about this semester. In your opening paragraph, define that problem or issue for your audience, using at least one source we read in class, and explain why it’s important. Then, in your thesis statement, propose a specific way of dealing with that problem or issue. For example, you might take a position different from one of the authors, respectfully but clearly showing another way to approach the problem or issue. Or you might agree with the author but apply his or her ideas to a more current situation. You will then provide support for your proposal. As you support your proposed approach, use at least one of our readings and two other sources. Make sure you limit the scope of your proposal so that you can present and support it in four pages. Use a range of evidence—such as personal experience, published research, interviews, etc.—to support your proposal and present and interpret your evidence clearly. Length: 4-5 pages.

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