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Defining who an American is and what rights they have has been a central question since the United States founding. While the 14th Amendment, ratified during the Reconstruction Era, formally defined citizenship many of those who claimed the rights associated with it found those opportunities expanding and contracting with the tides of war, the upheavals of economic and political transformations, as well as the evolution of American society and culture. These documents reflect the struggles and opportunities inherent in both the exclusivity and inclusivity of American citizenship which remains a designation very much a work in progress.

PROMPT: The last several decades of the Twentieth Century saw the emergence of new groups of Americans claiming rights as citizens. To what extent does the failure of the Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified, but the signing of Title IX into law, signal about the changing role and rights of women in modern America? After reading President George H.W. Bush’s remarks, why do you believe it took so long for the country to acknowledge and protect the rights of the disabled?

Please be sure you have read the following documents. They are attached in this folder.

Equal Rights Amendment

Title IX

Americans with Disabilities Act

Guidelines for this assignment:

1. All writing is to be done in complete sentences with proper English grammar and mechanics. This includes, but is not limited to, proper nouns, subject/verb agreement, spelling, sentence construction, and punctuation.

2. Your response must answer the questions asked.

3. The reflection response you submit must be a minimum of 500 words. The word count should be included in your reflection response.

4. The response must be your original work. You may not copy from the internet, your text, or other students.

Your reflection must meet the minimum criteria in order to be considered for a grade. If you choose to not meet any of the above criteria, you will not earn credit for the assignment.



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