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LM 11: Experimental research

This week instead of having a lecture, you’re going to learn about experimental research from real examples.

  1. Watch this video on an experiment on bias: https://vimeo.com/456230195/8768440076
  2.  How did researchers design an experiment to test bias? What were the three “phases” of the study?
  3.  What research methods that we’ve talked about in lecture did you notice being modeled in the video?
  4. Choose your own adventure! Pick one of the learning modules (just not the first one) developed by The Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) at the University of Washington. https://modules.ilabs.uw.edu/learning-modules/ Which module did you choose?
  5. Describe the experiments were cited in the module that you chose. If there were not any experiments, think of a way that a researcher could study this topic with an experiment.


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