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direction:  Content

-Content thoroughly covers the topic; states a clear thesis, research question, or topic strongly; includes opposing argument(s), if applicable; maintains an appropriate respect for the opposition, if applicable; includes an abstract; provides at least eight appropriate, supportive, expansive, and reliable sources; contains suitable review of literature, context, and background, etc.

– Organization

Essay has a clear organizational structure; follows a logical flow; maintains attention to the thesis, topic, or research question; provides an effective introduction and conclusion; includes an abstract.

– Style and Grammar

Writing is consistently clear and appropriately formal, using acceptable style and reasonably complex sentences; paragraphs are well-formed; grammar is consistently correct; an effective balance of direct quotes, paraphrasing, and original thought are maintained.

– Mechanics and Format

Proofreading is evident; overall essay, internal citations, and References page are properly laid out and easy to read, following APA formatting standards, etc.


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