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Essay Assignment :  How Free Should Speech Be?

Length:  Four to Six complete pages Minimum Amount of Sources:  Must use at least three sources.

Introduction:  Begin the essay with a hook or attention grabber to draw the reader into the essay. Then give a brief explanation of American free speech principles.  Where does the right to free speech come from?  What is the idea behind it?

How are these ideas being challenged in the modern world? You may write this using your own ideas and understanding, without using sources, but any specific details you look up must be cited to the source they came 

from.  You may also choose to do this by summarizing the article “The Problem of Free Speech in an Age of Disinformation” by Emily Bazelon. The last sentence in the introduction, which must be your thesis, must directly answer the prompt question, “What types of speech should 

be prohibited and why?”

Body Paragraphs:  (Must have at least three, and will probably require more to reach page count). Each body paragraph should be focused on one specific type of speech that you believe should be prohibited.  The paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that lays out the specific free speech issue this paragraph will discuss.  Explain the debatable speech activity in more detail (use specific examples if possible).  Then explain why you believe this type of 

activity should be illegal.  Support your explanation with specific examples, quotes, and paraphrases from sources.  Everything in the paragraph must be about this one specific free speech issue.  All body paragraphs must have at least two pieces of supporting evidence in them.  Any information from sources must have a parenthetical citation showing where it came 

from.Counter Argument Paragraph:  Choose one of the specific types of speech you argued should be prohibited in a body paragraph.  Explain the position of someone who would disagree with you and believes that type of speech should be protected.  Explain their reasoning thoroughly and fairly.  Then, rebut their position.  Concede anything they are right about, and then explain why you still believe the issue should be prohibited.

Conclusion Paragraph:  Use a traditional conclusion paragraph to restate your thesis and topic sentences and then lead the reader out of the essay.

Important Notes:  You must use at least two pieces of supporting evidence in each body paragraph.  These can be quotes or paraphrases from the sources or examples.

While you should paraphrase more than quote, you must quote directly at least twice in this essay.  Choose your quotes carefully.  

You must use at least three sources in this essay.  The first time you mention a source you should fully introduce it with the author’s full name and the title.  After that, refer to it by the author’s last name for the rest of the essay.

Anything coming from a source must have a parenthetical citation showing 

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