Frasier is a successful criminal defense attorney. For the past six months, she has been doing televised trial commentary on a notorious murder trial involving a former football star. Her comments are considered sharp and perceptive, and she has gained national recognition. She has recently received numerous other offers to appear on television. One afternoon, Frasier appears on a live talk show with three other attorneys to discuss the general state of law. The panel takes questions from phone callers. The callers are asked to use their first names only in order to protect their privacy.

A young woman name Daphne calls and directs her question to all of the lawyers on the panel: “I have just received a subpoena to be a witness at my brother’s criminal trial and I don’t want to testify. Is there anything I can do to avoid appearing?” Just as one of the attorneys is about to answer the question, Frasier interrupts and says, “I believe that I’m the most qualified person to help Daphne with her problem because I have such extensive criminal trial experience and am looked upon across the country as an expert in this area. Daphne, before I can help you, I need to know more about why you don’t want to testify.” Daphne responds, “I’m afraid that I might be arrested if they find out I helped my brother.” Frasier responds, “Daphne, why don’t you call my office at 555-6800 to set up an appointment? You are definitely in need of professional help, but your situation requires more detailed advice than I can give you here or over the phone. Don’t worry: I have gotten many a client out of similar jams.”

When the television program ends, Frasier stops by the station’s newsroom and delivers two front-row tickets to the most popular play in town to the news director. Frasier says to the director, “This is just my way of saying thank you for the interview that you did with me last week. My phone has been ringing off the hook ever since. Lots of new clients.”

Has Frasier violated any standards of professional responsibility? Discuss.

**2 page minimum**

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