1. I have extensively covered the conflict between two groups in early America. Your essay question is: How did the struggle between the so-called democratic radicals and conservatives from 1763 to 1789 shape the development of American government?

Directions: Respond to the following in an essay (several connected and coherent paragraphs) of NOT FEWER THAN 750 words. It will be submitted via Blackboard. Make sure to note the following about your essays:

  1. You will be evaluated on your use of evidence and your use of sources, the clarity of your writing, and the coherence of your essay. Use of evidence is weighted most heavily.
  2. You may use all the sources given to you in the Unit 1 reading list as well as anything in the lecture folders. You MUST include information from AT LEAST 5 different sources in UNIT ONE. This includes optional material, as well as the required. However, YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCE. YOU WILL FAIL THE EXAM IF YOU DO. Also, be sure to use in-text parenthetical citations whenever you use information from any source. You DO NOT need to include a works cited page at the end of the essay, because I already know all your sources. You are not allowed to work with others; do not submit an exam that is too similar to another student. You also may not repeat (i.e. copy and paste) material you have already submitted to me or submitted in another class. When you cite lecture videos (or other videos), simply include a time stamp indicating when that information was presented. For example (2.5 Lecture: 25:00-27:00).
  3. Remember that there are several sources that are relevant to this essay, but others may not. Part of your job is selecting the appropriate sources, which by now you should know.
  4. Remember: NO DIRECT QUOTES. Paraphrasing with citations only.
  5. The exam will be due at 10:45 am on Thursday, 2/18.

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