final project


For your Final Project, you will select three case studies from the given set. Each case scenario represents a different type of offender (e.g., mentally disordered offender, sex offender, violent offender, family violence offender, female offender, white-collar criminal, cybercriminal, or terrorist).

For each case:

  1. Apply a specific theoretical approach to the criminal behaviors displayed in each case.
  2. Determine if the crime or crimes presented would be categorized as expressive or instrumental. Explain your rationale.
  3. Evaluate whether developmental risk factors and correlates of criminal behavior influence criminal behavior. Evaluate whether the offender in each case scenario is a criminal.
    Note: Although assessment is an integral step in the tasks you complete in this Final Project, for the purposes of this course and Final Project, you will not assess the offenders in the case scenarios you select.

Your Final Project may be presented via one of the following options:

  • A 10- to 12-page (not including references, title page, or abstract), double-spaced, APA-formatted paper.


  • A PowerPoint presentation (minimum 20 slides). This PowerPoint must be accompanied by a separate 3- to 4-page written summary and must follow these guidelines:
  • References and citations may be included at the end of the presentation in the final slides, or they may be included throughout the presentation after the applicable information.
  • The presentation should demonstrate proficiency in the use of PowerPoint.
  • Your Instructor cannot offer any guidance on technical issues.
  • The Final Project must include:
    • A minimum of five references (in addition to any course readings that you may wish to reference). Please be aware that user-created websites, such as Wikipedia, will not be accepted as scholarly references.

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