Govt 2305


Students are required to complete a research paper as part of the course. In lieu of a paper I have decided to have you all complete a PowerPoint. These PowerPoints are to be original work, which will contain both researched information and your personal analysis and application of that information. These PowerPoints are to be fact based and driven, and not to include speculations or slangs. These PowerPoints will be graded mostly on content but will need to be composed at a level appropriate for college students. You will be assigned one of the following topics to write on:

1. Outline a program that would get more people to vote in presidential elections or local elections. Provide supporting ideas. 

2. What reforms could be put into place to ensure that legislators are not engaging in voter suppression? Defend your answer. 

3. Do you feel that the government has adequately assisted its citizens during the pandemic? If you do please support, why. If not, what could have been differently to assist those in need? Please review other nations policies and programs that were put into place during this time. 

Research Paper Guidelines:

The following guidelines must be adhered to in your assignment. Failure to do so will result in a lowered grade.

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING “I,” and “ME” when writing your PowerPoints. Remember that formal papers are mostly always written in third person. 

This PowerPoint should not be less than 15 slides. Cover pages and Bibliography pages do not count as part of the slides.

You must use source citations for all quotes, paraphrases, or borrowed ideas or facts on the above topic. 

Do preliminary research to ensure that you have sufficient sources to support your information. In a paper of this length, you should have no fewer than three sources. 

Every well-written paper should have at least three main parts, I will expect this in your PowerPoint. You should have an opening statement, which addresses the question or issue you are researching, and adopt a framework/design/plan for organizing the information/data of your research. The body of the PowerPoint should present the evidence to support your thesis. If there is contradicting evidence from your sources, you should pay attention to that also. The PowerPoint should end with a well-stated conclusion that either supports or refutes your thesis and explains why and the effect or repercussion of the issue you are researching.

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