HA535 Unit 10 Discussion

Using as reference:

 Reflect back on the past 10 weeks. How will you utilize the learning material during this course in your working field? What have you learned about evidenced-based program implementation and program evaluation? 

In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Melchor Abejon and Mary Muniu 

 Mary Muniu 

The materials I have learned during this course will guide me in my working field whereby I will be comfortable obtaining data for example on global health issues from a reliable source. Statistical data analysis learned gave me an insight on how to analyze data which can help making informed decisions.

I can utilize Quality Improvement when implementing a program since it is a framework which can be used to improve outcome of an implemented program to reduce the incidence of a certain health issue through intervention.

Learning how to evaluate the effectiveness of inferential statistics in health care was an eye opener for me and I gained a lot of knowledge or insight which I can utilize in my working field.

Evidence-based research will help to identify and develop effective health prevention programs and strategies to deal with health issues through intervention. Through evidence-based research we are able to use evidence-based interventions to improve health outcome.

Program evaluation is important at the end of implementing a program to assess whether the program was effective and the objective have been met and if not, we can do some adjustments or improvements to achieve the desired goal.

Program evaluation is a systematic collection of information about the activities and outcomes of program to help make judgements about the program, improve program effectiveness, and informed decisions for future programs that need development (CDC, 2012).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Green for making this journey a successful one. For my classmates, thank you for all your contributions through the discussion board. I enjoyed interacting with you all. I wish everyone best of luck.


Page last reviewed: May 11, 2012

Content source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Program Performance and Evaluation Office.

Melchor Abejon

Overall, I really enjoyed this course. It was a mix of frustrations and excitements but I have learned a lot from the discussions, researches and the assignments. My creativity was tested in the assignments doing the facts sheet, poster, and power point presentations. But I am glad I made it through the 10th week. I am very thankful to Professor Green and to you my classmates for making this course an enjoyable one.  What I really appreciated in this course is the importance of Evidence-Based Research (EBR). As a healthcare worker, EBR is very important in making the best health decisions. Evidence-Based Practice in healthcare should not be opinion-based, it should be based on sound research in order for patients to receive the most effective care on the best available evidence. In the first weeks, I have enjoyed doing research  on current health issues that affect my community and gathering data using reliable sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the local public health. I also appreciated descriptive statistics, and being able to interpret visual representations, because as a healthcare worker, I should be able to describe trends of topics that are of importance in health. I also appreciated the quantitative research and inferential statistics and their importance to my career as a health care worker. I wish the best to everyone, and thank you all. It was a pleasure learning with all of you!

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