HA570 Unit 10 Discussion

  Using as referances:

  1. What have been the most important pieces of information that you have learned in this course?
  2. Has any information been shocking to you?
  3. What will most stick with you after you leave this course?

In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to  Marla Stuck and  Nicole Waddell 

 Marla Stuck 

The most important information that I have learned in this course has been the importance of the interprofessional care team. Why do you ask? Because I was not aware of the interactions that genuinely are needed in the holistic care of people. This answer sounds more naive than intended. I’m trying to articulate the importance of EHR’s were not fully understood in my total care.

Unfortunately, very little shocks me today, so no, nothing sticks out as “shocking.”

The most that will stick with me is the understanding I gained from everyone’s discussions with their opinions and their whys. I think it makes me a more rounded administrator to know and understand these opinions.

Best of Luck to All!

 Nicole Waddell 

My last 10 weeks have been really informative. I really enjoyed the exercises with situations in the first two assignments where they test your own ethics and morals. Situations in real life that can turn into very bad situations if they were handled wrong. I loved reading everyone’s perspective on our discussions and I must add that I enjoyed this class immensely. I hope everyone had as much fun with this one as I did, and good luck to everyone. I follow this class with capstone and I couldn’t be more excited. Graduation, here I come!


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