HA575 Unit 10 Discussion


Now that you have learned about the proponents of healthcare marketing, it’s time to discuss how you plan to market yourself in the field. Use this last week as an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned in class to further promote and market your skills. Address the following:

  • Conduct a personal SWOT analysis inventorying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. How do you plan to transition your weaknesses into strengths? Threats into opportunities?

In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to  Samantha Jordan and Marla E. Stuck


Marla E. Stuck

Strengths:  Determination, continuous learner/current, experienced leader, 20+ years of Human Resources experience.

Weaknesses:  When exhausted my communication is too direct can be seen as harsh, and not being a team player.

Opportunities:  The additional master’s degree makes me more marketable in the health industry.  Currently participating in CHRO position finalist interviews at a different company.

Threat: Loss of job or duties if I cannot play the game.  A lot of HR professionals in the market.

Plans:  I have already started the action plan as self-reflection showed I was not the fairest of them all.  I am no longer working 16-hour days, 7 days a week, and trying to take some time for self-care and sleep.  Taking better care of myself reduces my stress level.  I am also using a program that reviews my communication for tone, attempting to soften the tone in my messages.  I apologize when necessary if my communication sounded harsh.  I am looking at opportunities to move to a new organization where human resources is a partner and are respected as a senior member of administration.


Samantha Jordan 

Strengths-hard worker, 4.0 GPA, 8 years’ experience in healthcare, only 3 more classes left until graduate with Masters in Healthcare administration, loyal, great communication skills, team leader
Weaknesses- never held a management position, can be un-decisive, gets easily frustrated with lazy behavior from colleagues, networking.
Opportunities-advancement within current healthcare employer, can do AIT to obtain Ohio nursing home administrator license.
Threats-competing for positions with no management experience in healthcare, young age (under 30) compared to other administers in their current roles.
Plans to improve- I will use my skills in healthcare to my advantage. I will let it be known that I am interested in advancing to a leadership position with the hospital I have been with for 8 years. I will begin leadership rounding at the hospital per recommendation from my administrative director in a couple months. I will also work on my work-life balance and better recognizing when to say no to take on too much. Being a mom to 2 young children who requires a lot of attention and working 12 hours days 6-7 days a week to help out takes a toll on me and I am not as productive and makes mistakes. Just last week I worked over 80 hours in our command center due to going live with a new EHR and I was at my breaking point mentally and physically. However, while in the command center leading my team in MIS and RCG I was able to state my intentions of wanting to move up to a leadership position after completing my masters to the executive team of the hospital who were in my area of the command center.

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