Hazardous Materials Safety

Introduce yourself to your classmates with your name, locationn(Tennessee),current employment (TrainMaster), and future goals.

Part II: Discuss the hazard communication (HazCom) program at your current organization or one you used to work for. What do you think works, and what needs to be improved? If you do not currently work for an organization that has a HazCom program, discuss which element of a HazCom program you believe would be the most difficult to implement.


my name is Bruno currently located in East North Carolina and working for a mechanical company as a safety manager, my goal is to aquire my BS in OSH and eventually work for a larger compaby or an international. 

in our organization we have a hazcome program that we use for all the chemical materials we handle for specific operations depending on the job to complete, some of our employees would use oxygen or gas for welding in confined spaces and deep excavations. one the major issues i think we face often is for our guys to understand SDS and the use of pictograms usually they forget which pictogram belongs to each chemical. also i have notice that some of our workers did not understand the SDS before MSDS, so during our safety huddles we touch that topic to refresh their minds. i think training and retraining can be very helpful to change safety culture. 

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