Health communications assignment

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  1. This should be about a 5 page, double-spaced essay on one of the topics addressed in Clinician and Patient communication chapters. You will write about an interaction related to one of these areas. It could be your own experience, the experience of someone you know, or a media example.
    You will start by including some actual dialogue from the interaction. This should look like a transcript of what was actually said. Don’t describe what was said, write down the actual words in script form. Keep it relatively brief– less than one minute. Focus on a specific part of the interaction that is most useful to make your point.  In most circumstances, you will have to recreate the dialogue to the best of your or someone else’s recollection – just do the best you can do in trying to recreate it as close to the actual interaction as possible.
    After you include your example of dialogue, analyze this interaction by using THREE different concepts from the course. A concept can be any significant key point from the course textbook. For example, a topic might be social support and a concept might be a different type of support or a way to enact support. Concepts can be broad or more narrow depending on what in particular you want to focus. You must include discussion of at least different course concepts. In discussing these concepts, YOU MUST define the concept, including an appropriate citation, and apply it to gain a better understanding the interaction in an appropriate manner. 
    There are specific goals of this assignment. (1) The first is to provide you with an opportunity to show that you can effectively identify and describe these concepts and (2) apply them to understand a practical situation. 3) A third goal is to consider the manner by which the relationship among a caregiver and patient is influenced by particular forms of communication.
    In writing your essay, I expect you to appropriately cite any information that you draw from available sources. This includes the course textbook. The preferred citation format of Health Communication publications is APA, so please use that format. There is a link for writing style guides in the table of contents on the course website. I also expect the essay to have a title and page numbers included on each page.


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