Health Promotion paper


NUR 1022C Fundamentals of Nursing 

Winter 2020

Health People 2020/2030: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Course Objectives: 

Cognitive:  Identify key components of the nursing problem-solving process

SLO: Judgment/Reasoning 

Interwoven Concepts: 

Health Promotion and Maintenance

1. You will be assigned a health issue that affects our general population in the United States. Utilize Healthy People 2020/2030 website to develop the topic. 

2. You will be graded on your written project per the grading rubric posted on blackboard.

3. You will cover the following in your paper: 

· What is Healthy People 2020/2030?

· What are Health Promotion and Disease Prevention?

· What is the nurse’s role in health promotion and disease prevention? 

· Define the problem/topic. Examples: Effects of vaping. Promoting Healthy weight, Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

· Give a general overview of the problem

· What are some suggested health promotion/disease prevention interventions that we as nurses can implement?

4. Be sure to use not only the Healthy People website but other references in your paper. Look for nursing evidence based research e.g. nursing journals, etc. to utilize as resources for completing your paper. Do not use websites or other materials that are published for the general public- example: websites and resources accessed through a google search. Utilize CINAHL or another literature search database through the Keiser University online Library.  A minimum of 2 resources other than must be utilized in completing this assignment. 

5. Your written paper needs to be in APA 6th edition format, 3-4 pages in length not including the reference page of the title page. You must also have a title page and reference page

6. Be sure to label each section i.e. Health Promotion, Nurse’s role, etc. This is part of APA format and helps organize your paper. 

7. If you have any questions please contact me. 

8. Review you rubrics BEFORE you start your paper.

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