Homeland Security Emergency Management Current Event

You are required to complete a short assignment which involves a current or historical event (no more than 5 years) at your STATE level (no higher than the state level).  For a shot at max pointsLink the real world event, to at least three specific course resources (cite specific page numbers, charts, graphs etc in the course textbook, power points slide and or other course material).  The key is to cite specifics and highlight these in yellow!!

Research a homeland security or emergency/disaster management issue that applies to what you have learned in the course thus far.  Research After Action Reports and Lessons Learned from this disaster. You Use all of what the textbook and course has to offer.  In a minimum of three (3) pages (double-spaced), Arial font, size 12, students are required to:

Provide a synopsis of the State (no higher than the State level) emergency or disaster. What occured? When? Who was involved (what parties or agencies?

Describe the impact of the event at your State level. Who was effected and how was the incident managed?  Explain how different governmental agencies and private sector entities worked together in support of the civil disaster or emergency.

Discuss what you learned from the disaster as it relates the Homeland Security or Emergency Management to this point in the course. Remember what we have covered thus far (History of EM, Natural & Tech disasters and Risk Assessments, Mitigation, Preparedness, Communications, Response, Recovery and Terrorist Threat). Link the real world event, to the course textbook and course material.

Conclude with a critical review of the lessons learned and the actions taken at the State level to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover to the incident.  Research After Action Reports and Lessons Learned from this disaster.


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